Steb By Step

What do we do here?

Brushes and Bisque is a Contemporary Ceramics Studio.  We have at least 200 pieces of bisque, or unfinished ceramics, in all shapes and sizes. So you can make a mug, your own dinner plate, a jewelry box, figurine and just about anything else you can imagine for yourself, your home or a special occasion!

How does it work?1. Choose your pottery piece from our selection

2. Browse our idea books, stamps, stencils and samples to get a design

3. Choose your colors, and . . . GET BUSY PAINTIN’!

How much does it cost?

Our pieces range in price from $4 for an ornament to about $40 for a large platter.  We have an unlimited studio fee of $7 for kids under 12 & $9 for adults. 

This covers the use of our paints & all the supplies you will need to do your piece, plus a clear glaze application and kiln-firing your project by our staff. 

Keep your eyes peeled for one of our many specials!!